Emergency Pet Bleeding

Emergency Pet Bleeding with Waldorf Emergency Care

Pet bleeding can have any number of causes, from auto accidents to poisoning. Because the reasons for bleeding are so diverse, it's important that you bring your pet in for our veterinarian to evaluate her. The most minor-looking blood loss could be life-threatening, and a comprehensive exam is the only way we can tell the extent of your pet's injuries. Our team at Waldorf Emergency Care is dedicated to keeping your pet healthy, day or night, and we encourage you to bring her into our office even if you think the bleeding is minor.

Veterinarian with a dog

Common Types of Pet Bleeding

Just like with humans, pets can be subject to bleeding from a wide variety of causes. One of the most common reasons is trauma, either through auto accidents, fights with other animals, or accidental cuts in the environment. Besides trauma, animals can begin to bleed from many other reasons, including:

  • Bleeding from the nose or mouth due to cancer or internal bleeding
  • Bloody urine due to urinary tract infections or bladder stones
  • Pyometra, or a uterine infection, can mimic urinary tract infections
  • Rectal bleeding due to bloody diarrhea, rectal cancer, or anal gland disease
  • Immune system dysfunction which can cause bleeding from any orifice

The Importance of Emergency Veterinarian Care

While some minor cuts only need bandaging or stitches, the only way to make sure is to have your pet examined by a veterinarian. Many cases of bleeding that look minor can actually be life-threatening illnesses. Here at Waldorf Emergency Care, any veterinarian on our trusted team can treat your dog or cat, often before the symptoms become severe enough to cause permanent damage.

How to Care for a Bleeding Pet

Continuous or severe bleeding can cause an animal to go into shock, which can be life-threatening. The goal of treatment for bleeding is to stop the blood loss before treating the cause. Always keep in mind that, in the case of an injured animal, your safety comes first. If you're injured, you can't help your pet, and frightened animals often bite or snap. Begin by tying a soft piece of cloth around your pet's mouth as a muzzle.

Apply pressure on the wound using a clean cloth, while transporting your dog or cat to our office. Have someone else call our office and drive the vehicle, if at all possible, so you can concentrate on caring for your pet.

Call Our Waldorf Office Any Time

Our office is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so we're always here when you need us. If your pet is suffering from any type of bleeding, bring him into our office for an examination and treatment. Give us a call at (515) 233-1709 and we'll advise you on the best way to proceed.


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